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 Combat System 100% (CLOSED)

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PostSubject: Combat System 100% (CLOSED)   Fri Jun 29, 2007 2:10 pm

Additional shots at a fight:
Backstab 33% is Chance to inflict blow from the back (+75% ot a damage)
Critical 1/50 is Chance to inflict critical blow (+135% ot a damage)

Bonus variables can be used on the all types of object which can be dressed on itself. Types of Bonuses:

Evasion % it is Chance evasion from a blow
ResistPhysical % - Resist to the physical damage
DamageIncreas % it is multiplying a damage
DamageSpeed % it is multiplying speed of shots
QuickCast % it is Multiplying speed of magic
ManaRequirement % it is Diminishing of loss of many at the caste of magic.
ResistMagic % - Resist to any magic damage
ResistFire % - Resist to the fiery damage
ResistEnergy % - Resist to the power damage
ResistPoison % - Resist to the poison damage

But we play on 2.0.3 client and I don't think that all will be working Embarassed but we test that ! Wink

Completed 100%
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Combat System 100% (CLOSED)
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